The Post-Colonial Situation of Post-1997 Hong Kong. A Reflection upon “One Country, Two Systems” after the First 20 Years

Siu-Keung Cheung


Under the policy “One Country, Two Systems,” the Chinese Communist
government has now been ruling Hong Kong for 20 years. This study reflects
upon the post-colonial situation placed by such a ruling formula that originated
from the Chinese Communist government’s plan of reintegrating Taiwan into
China. This work demonstrates how post-1997 Hong Kong differs from its
British colonial past. However, such post-colonial difference hinders post-
1997 Hong Kong from pursuing deimperialization and decolonialization under
pro-communist patriotism.

Keywords:  Localism, “One Country, Two Systems,” Post-1997 Hong Kong, Postcolonialism, Pro-communist Patriotism

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