The Reconstruction of Macau People’s Identity through Economic Nationalism

Chan Saul, U Wai, SIO Ka I


After 20 years of handover, Macau has experienced a rapid economic growth and the quality of life of Macau people have been improving. Albeit to Macau’s robust economy, the citizens are not satisfied to the Macau SAR government while they are very supportive to Chinese Central Government. In this paper, we are going to explain Macau people’s different perceptions towards the central and Macau governments by using the concept of “Economic Nationalism”, and argue that “Economic Nationalism” has been emerging in the post-handover Macau and attributing Macau people’s Chinese identity. We will discuss the construction of Macau identity through Chinese nationalism, Portuguese and Hong Kong cultural elements during the colonial era as well as various social controversies after the handover, and conclude Macau people’s “embrace” to the Chinese identity which implicates the governance in the post-handover Macau.


Keywords: China, Macau, Identity, Economic Nationalism

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