Positive Impact of Learning Chinese Culture and History on National Identification and Self-esteem A Study in Hong Kong

Xiao-Dong Yue, Chau-Kiu Cheung, Xiao-Dong Yue, Chau-Kiu Cheung


In this study, 617 Hong Kong-born adolescents were sampled to complete a questionnaire examining the role of learning Chinese culture and history on promoting national identification and self-esteem in secondary schools and universities. Results show that students who have previously studied Chinese culture and history in junior high schools are more likely to identify with their Chinese identity and have higher self-esteem and self-confidence when they enter high school and university. This study also predicts that following the integrated model of socialisation and life crisis resolution theory, learning Chinese culture and traditions enhance the national identity and self-esteem of an individual.



Keywords:  Culture, Historical learning, National identification, National identity, National knowledge, Self-esteem

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