Marketing Strategy Influencing Service Quality and Consumers’ Repurchase Decision on Low-Cost Airline Business in Thailand

Wilaiwan Phonsiri, Arnon Junjit, Maethika Chanarpas, Ampol Chayomchai


This research aimed to study the effects of the 7Ps marketing mix, including product, price, place, promotion, process, people, and physical evidence, on service quality and the influences of the 7Ps marketing mix and service quality on the repurchase decisions of Thai consumers traveling by the low-cost airline in Thailand. The 400 Thai respondents who used to travel on the low-cost airline were the sample for this research. The study used convenience sampling to collect the questionnaire through social media. In this statistical analysis, the study employed descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, and multiple regression analysis for the statistical evaluation. The results revealed that the average rating in all aspects of the marketing mix and service quality was high and that the marketing mix included product, place, process, and physical evidence that affected the service quality. The findings also found that the price aspect of the marketing mix and service quality influenced the repurchase decisions of passengers traveling on low-cost airlines. The study recommends that the airline business focuses on the product, place, process, and physical evidence aspects, such as branding, travel schedule, booking, check-in, and travel readiness. In addition, the study suggests that it should create a good pricing strategy to satisfy the passengers. These measures will build good service quality and repurchase decisions from passengers. The novelty of this research found that only price factors directly influenced repurchase decisions, while other marketing factors, including the product, place, process, and physical evidence, needed good service factors to influence a repurchase decision in the low-cost airline business. In addition, it found that service quality had a direct positive effect on repeat purchases of low-cost passengers.


Keywords: marketing mix, service quality, repurchase decision, low-cost airline business.

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