Upgrading the Potential with Competency-Based Learning Management Innovation Integration with Work to Enhance Students’ Ability in Practice Teaching Professional Experience

Kamolchart Klomim, Boonsong Kuayngern


Purposes of the study are: (1) to develop novel approaches to competency-based learning management that are combined with activities that improve the competences of students in practice teaching professional experience and (2) to examine the outcomes of the integration of efforts to improve the competency of students in practice teaching professional experience with the transfer of competency-based learning management innovation. The sample group consisted of 50 members of the Faculty of Education of Phetchabun Rajabhat University in Thailand. Third-year-level pre-service student teaching practicum experience during the second semester of the academic year 2022 is achieved by a straightforward lottery draw. The study's methodology is research and development, and its tools include knowledge examinations, assessments for creating learning management systems, and interviews. Developing innovative learning management strategies based on competency-based work was discovered to be linked with curriculum analysis, student analysis, and competency-based learning management systems, which is the most suited. The research findings sparked innovation in competency-based learning management that was integrated with the workplace; students who had knowledge and skills of creating a competency-based learning management plan that was connected with their work were deemed to have practiced teaching professionally, after learning more than the required amount, a competency-based learning management system that is connected with work is created. Before embracing the innovation of competency-based learning management connected with work, teachers should look at how to use learning management plans to manage teaching and learning in a straight line while leveraging the research findings, promoting the learning management model should take the position of instructors who are in charge of organizing various learning activities to reach the desired goal.


Keywords: upgrading the potential, competency-based learning management innovation integration, enhancing students’ ability.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.55463/hkjss.issn.1021-3619.60.79

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