Cultural Expressions and Value Orientations of the Youth

Linh-Dang Vu Canh, Anh–Do Thi Kim, Thuy–Tran Thi Thu, Trang–Phan Thi Thu, Thang-Ngoc Hoang, Thang–Nguyen The


This research was conducted to recognize youth culture as a subculture and its expressions in the Vietnamese youth. The qualitative method with a simple analysis of numbers and percentages was used to analyze some expressions in cultural trends and value orientations of Vietnamese youth today. The findings show the orientation of young people to cultural standards, values, and behaviors while ensuring positivity, promoting the dynamism and creativity of the youth, and increasing the efficiency of work, study, and dedication in youth. At the same time, preventing negative ways of expression is a necessary duty of all levels and branches in the field of youth management and development. More particular research themes should be carried out to find the distinctive aspects of the young subculture that have been considerably influenced by foreign cultures and values.


Keywords: youth culture, value orientation, Vietnamese youth.



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