Impact of Logistics AI System on Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia

Ilangovan Perumal, Rajamohan Parthasarathy, Sudhashini Nair, Murugan Thangiah, Stephen Sesaiah, Gopal Perumal


This research will study the impact of artificial intelligence systems in logistics on the creation of a sustainable market position for a manufacturing company in Malaysia in the context of industry 4.0. This study assesses the impact of artificial intelligence systems in logistics on manufacturing companies on the creation of sustainable market positions. AI unleashes the full power of Big Data in logistics so that logistics firms will be able to make more accurate forecasts and boost their performance with the help of Big Data. To help with strategic decision-making, it may also be utilized for greater predictive analysis and increased automation. Workers in the logistics sector may be replaced by robots. Warehouse operations can be improved using logistics-related artificial intelligence (AI). An increasing number of companies are turning to robots to help them organize, transfer, and monitor inventory. Henceforth, the four factors discussed are warehouse automation, demand prediction, planning and resource management, and real-time route optimization.


Keywords: artificial intelligence, logistics, Big Data.



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