Crime in the Field of Urbanism and the Turnover of Real Estate in Kosovo

Agron Beka, Agon Beka


Criminal activities are a common threat to every country. The difference lies only in the kind and manner of conducting such criminal activities. With a particular emphasis, several types of criminality are distinguished that have a “sui generis” character because the negative consequences caused by these criminal activities are significant. One such activity is criminality in urban planning and the turnover of real estate. The consequences of criminality in the field of urban planning and real estate turnover are very harmful and long-term for society. This type of criminality severely attacks the economic, legal, social, and political system of a country; hence, citizens can lose faith in state institutions, with special emphasis on the institutions of the justice system: the prosecutor, the judiciary, the police, etc. The purpose of this research is to enrich the literature on this topic, which is currently very poor in the region of the Balkans, and to help relevant international and national institutions in the prevention and fight against criminality, focusing on the relationship between organized crime in general and specifically on the current situation in the field of urbanism and the circulation of real estate in the Republic of Kosovo and beyond.


Keywords: crime, urbanism, real estate, prevention, combat.



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