Corruption as a Criminal Occurrence and Its Discovery

Agron Beka, Agnesa Beka


Corruption, such as bribery, is present throughout the history of the state and society. It has always been considered an inappropriate and harmful social occurrence. Corruption, according to the rule, is especially expressed in periods of crisis in certain societies, but also alongside the strengthening of the state, the development of business activities, the meddling of the state in the economy, and the bureaucratization of society. Corruption has become one of the most serious problems of organized states because, despite important legal efforts and regular or temporary anti-corruption actions, it has become more widespread and reinforced. This means that corruption is impossible to eradicate. For this, in recent times, criminality has been characterized as one of the biggest social evils (Vuković, 2003). The purpose of this research is to enrich the literature on corruption, the forms of its manifestation, and how it can be detected, prevented, and fought. This research is helpful for competent institutions in the war against corruption. Corruption as a dangerous form of criminality poses a big threat to countries, especially those that are in transition, because it disturbs their economic, political, and social lives. Therefore, it is mandatory to know how corruption is manifested and detected in order to prevent and fight this form of criminality.


Keywords: corruption, prevention, combat, criminality.



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