The Level of Marzano Higher-Order Thinking Skills among Polytechnic Students

M. H. Yee, M. F. Mahmad, T. K. Tee, B. C. Kok, N. Azid


This study aims to identify polytechnic students' level of Marzano Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) based on two dimensions, 'Extension and Refinement of Knowledge' and 'Meaningful Use of Knowledge,' and to analyze the difference in the students' level of Marzano HOTS based on these two dimensions depending on the students' demographic factors. This study design was a survey using quantitative methods. A total of 313 students were randomly selected as the survey sample. A questionnaire in the form of closed-ended questions was used as the research instrument. Data were analyzed using frequency percentage and MANOVA test. The findings showed no significant differences in the eight HOTS in the dimension of 'Extension and Refinement of Knowledge' with the gender and socio-economic status (SES) factors. However, there were significant differences in the eight HOTS with the academic achievement factor. Meanwhile, based on the dimension of 'Meaningful Use of Knowledge,' the findings showed no significant differences in the five HOTS in this dimension with the gender and academic achievement factors. The paper includes implications of the Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for students to improve their academic performance. In future research, the authors can further identify university students' HOTS levels in the technical area.


Keywords: polytechnic students, Marzano higher-order thinking skills, academic performance.

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